She's Got Claws

Electronic  Duo is back with Doppelganger! 

She's Got Claws is Micci Lou & Chris O-Ten.

Micci is the head writer who programs, arranges, engineers and masters the songs at Chameleon Studios UK.

Chris has been playing bass for 3 decades in previous bands and now a valued co-writer and co-producer on this album. Their roots are firmly planted into electronic music and the many diverse styles which have sprouted from this very creative genre. 

This album represents She's Got Claws first collaboration with Liverpool's based producer & Musician Andy McCluskey (OMD) On songs Adulation and Love Lies Bleeding

Doppelganger stream and download from 25th September Limited editions you can pre order from the link below.

Micci Lou

Chris O-Ten 

LLR: Adulation and Love Lies Bleeding is a collaboration with Andy McCluskey, How did that happen?

SGC: Andy has often listened to our music with a very constructive ear.  He is a very good friend of ours, so we’ve often hooked up socially and to listen to our new music.  He is very driven and positive about electronic music, so we know that whatever he says, he speaks from his experience and heart.  For Andy to want to come on board and to produce two of our songs was such a thrill!  We chatted on the phone when he sent over his mixes, there wasn’t anything to change, as he knows where we are coming from with our style, so his production works brilliantly on the album.  Adulation, we have always felt, is a very strong track and we knew that this song was in safe hands, along with Love Lies Bleeding.  

LLR:  Which song on the album do you feel connected to the most ?

SGC:  I feel more connected to all of them, however I do feel more connected to the ones which took the longest to work on.  When you believe a song should be part of a release, then you will work hard to get out of your head exactly what you are hearing and feeling.  Sometimes it takes a little longer and will sometimes feel like a breach birth, Lying in the Dust has to be one of the songs which I feel more connected to.  I wrote this song in 2013 and it has been put forward for Synthetic Emotion EP and War Torn album, but sadly it didn’t make it.  I’m glad it has taken this long for it to find its rightful place, as we feel it fits perfectly on Doppelgänger.  

Chris:  It’s hard to pick just one, as there are many reasons why you feel connected to one than another.  So I would say Lithium, because I think it appeals to my gothic tendencies.  It’s dark and brooding with an infectious chorus, combined with melancholy harmonies and synths. 

On a bass level, I would say Musik.  The bass is a phrygian style bass riff which is relentless throughout the song and sums me up to anyone who knows me lol.  It was also fun singing the chorus & outro vocals through the vocoder on the Korg Micro Synth.  

Lying in the Dust was the last song we worked on and I cannot think of a better song to end the album with.  I practically put every bass pedal affect on my bass - electro harmonics bass muff, valeton amp simulator pedal to name a few, which all went through a TC Electronic compressor pedal.  Micci had already done fantastic drum programming and bass sequence on the keys, so I was inspired to play huge slabs of guitar style bass with loads of feel.

LLR: What inspired you to work on the next album?

SGC: We had a few songs left from the last album release, War Torn, in 2017, so decided that they were too good to leave them unheard, so this was what triggered us to begin the new album.  We are both deeply influenced by many styles of music, so often we have many new ideas to build upon.  We have expanded on our collection of bass pedals and it was inspiring to listen and to springboard brand new ideas too.  Every time we buy a new piece of gear, it inspires us to write something new.

LLR: Do you feel like this album could be your biggest album yet?

SSC:  In a word.. Yes!  We have taken our time on this album and we believe that you can hear a huge progression from our previous releases.  With the addition of live bass has also given the album a different perspective too.  The bass performance inspired the beats to be pushed with more attitude and for the synths to work their way around the rhythm track with a greater angst than previous releases.  We made sure that most of the songs had a strong chorus too, as we feel all songs are judged by the strength of the chorus.  

LLR:  Explain how you write, do you feel the way you write is connected to the current situations that the world is in, or does it come straight from the mind?


I write from the heart, so if anything is affecting me at that point in time it will often be expressed within a song.  Generally I begin with creating beats which are inspired by my initial mood, then I begin to build upon this with synths and maybe a sequence.  This inspires Chris to strap his bass on and we work through ideas on what the song is to be about and the title.  Chris is often the one who comes up with the song titles, as he knows a good song title will inspire the writing of the lyrics. 


When I wrote the previous album, War Torn, this was purely due to my emotions and how strongly I felt about the state of the world and wars which have been going on forever and how they are affecting families across the world.  I felt I needed to attempt to humanise these families, because all I was reading was how these people were trying to take something away from us, which is ridiculous!  If you were put in their shoes, you would want to find a better place to bring up your family, instead of the war torn cities they have been subjected to, due to no fault of their own.  I donated money to UNICEF in the hope that I could help their plight too.  I have a social conscience and I am very proud of this, as it shows that I care and to me this is a strength and not a weakness.  Nothing will ever positively change if we close our eyes and hearts to others.

New album ‘Doppelgänger’ 25 September 2020. Pre-order 11 Sept from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

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